Sunday, August 23, 2009


We saw several signs like this while driving in North Carolina on the way to the Outer Banks, but we had no idea what they meant.

Apparently the Navy wants to build an outlying landing field (OLF), and two of the five possible sites are located in northeastern North Carolina.

According to the Citizens Against OLF web site:
An OLF is a concrete landing strip where (a) repetitive flight operations
are conducted by military pilots, (b) aircraft carrier touch-and-go practice by
F/A-18 E/F (Super Hornet) aircraft occurs, and (c) constant low-level flying at
the airstrip and surrounding area will regularly take place.

The organization is primarily concerned about the effect on the environment in an area that is rich with wildlife, and they have been successful in getting the state of North Carolina to enact legislation that will make it more difficult but not impossible for the Navy to build an OLF in that area of North Carolina. Interestingly enough, the state would like the Navy to build an OLF further south near Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, and the legislation allows for that. Cherry Point, however, is not on the Navy's short list.


  1. Oh, good. When we were down there this summer, I wanted to take a pic of this sign and find out what it was all about, but I was always driving.

  2. My wife took this pic as we were driving by. I heard another blogger describe a technique that he uses for taking pictures from a car that he refers to as the "spray and pray" technique where he holds up the camera with one hand and snaps multiple pictures without looking - hoping that one of the pictures will be usable.