Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation Low-Lights

In celebration of my in-laws' anniversary, twelve people took their family dysfunction from Maryland to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this past week for a vacation. There are plenty of posts in the blogsphere that cover vacation highlights. For a change, I want to tell you about the parts of the vacation that didn't go so well. The stories start the week before the vacation.

Wednesday (week before)

My daughter comes down with a bad cough. The doctor says it's a mild case of bronchitis, and she starts meds.

I happen to notice the front tires on the mini-van are nearly bald. It won't be safe to make the 300 mile drive with these tires. We'll have to get a new set before Saturday's trip.

Friday (week before)

My daughter's cough still isn't better. We decide to delay our trip to North Carolina by one day to give her an extra day of rest.

Sunday (the drive down)

We stop for lunch on the way at Diggers Diner (see related post). The food is brought to our table an hour after we order it.


We wake up to discover that someone has been in our hot-tub overnight, and we're missing two nice beach towels. Our troubles seem minor when we later learn that during the same night vandals pooped in the pool and outdoor shower next door.


Three of us go out in my brother in-law's boat for a fishing trip. We enter the water in Roanoke Sound. Wind and rough waters keep us from heading toward the ocean, and the boat's motor keeps stalling. While in the act of performing a practical joke, my long time fisherman brother in-law gets a fishing hook caught in his finger. We don't have any luck pulling it out. He seeks treatment at a local hospital. We're told that we were lucky that we weren't successful in our attempts to remove it because it was stuck in a tendon, and we could have caused nerve damage. He was the second patient of the day requiring fishing hook removal services.


The whole clan goes out to dinner. The waitress spills a glass of wine down my wife's back.


In his haste to park the boat and seek help for the hook in his finger on Wednesday, my brother in-law parked his van so that his rear wheels were in the sand instead of on the driveway. He calls a tow truck to pull out his van before his drive home.

The effects of hurricane Bill are felt on the Outer Banks. The kids can't go swimming at the beach.

This video shows the rough waters.


Lots of traffic for the drive home.


  1. L.A., it was so much fun that my father in-law suggested that we do it again after the next 50 years.