Monday, September 21, 2009

News in Haiku

Fellow blogger Bob Parkinson recently posted about a web site that he came across that has Haiku about Spam (spamku). I took it as a challenge to create some Spam Haiku, but I wasn't inspired. Since I am a news junky, and I do have a long commute, I thought I might try to come up with some recent news in Haiku form. I found myself using my fingers for counting for the first time in many years.

The closest I've ever come to writing anything resembling poetry is some rhyming limerick-like junk that I used to write in high school - mostly to get people to laugh and maybe to make fun of my chemistry teacher. With that same genre I used in high school, I did write a break-up poem for a friend of mine to give to his girlfriend that started off with, "Sue. Sue. What am I to do?" I know. Terrible!

So here is some Haiku that sounds more like a series of news headlines than poetry.

Football back in town.
Dan Snyder's team beats league's worst.
'Skins can't score touchdown.

Recession Over?
Bernanke says time will tell.
Jobs are still not found.

Virginia needs gov.
McDonnell, Deeds, in hot race.
Thesis comes to light.

Kanye interrupts.
Obama declares "Jackass."
Twitter passes on.

Free care for Jose?
Joe Wilson is a liar.
Money flows Joe's way.


  1. A break-up poem, seriously?

    I wouldn't have known about the jackass comment without your poems! From now on, I'm getting all my news only from your haikus. (And Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, of course).

    I don't understand the paper reference. Maybe your poems need links. Like you need more work.

  2. The links are a great idea. Just added some. I'm used to being more verbose. 17 syllables is tough for me.

  3. Abbot, my wife said to me last night, "I didn't understand the one about the paper." So I said, "you know. The thesis." Ha. Not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place.

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  5. Haiku, hard to write
    Bowie Mike is undeterred
    Writes five good ones quick!