Monday, October 19, 2009

Jill And Kevin's Divorce Entrance Dance

I imagine that a lot of people have seen the following video of the entrance dance for Jill and Kevin Heinz's wedding. Now there's a funny spoof on YouTube called JK Divorce Entrance Dance.

Perhaps just as funny as the spoof video is the following comment that YouTube user nicole23xoxo posted. I guess she didn't get it.

umm.. i dont think this is real. i mean this would never happen at court. sure
a wedding because you can do it however you like, but not in a courtroom. and
she wouldn't be wearing her wedding dress. no one would be this happy. the
expressions on everyone's faces are soo fake. im sorry i loved the original
wedding one, but this one killed it. its not funny or legit.

There is now a Jill and Kevin Wedding Dance Web site, and the Minnesota couple are soliciting donations to the Sheila Wellstone Institute to help combat domestic violence. Their choice of charity is related to the 2009 assault incident involving Chris Brown, the artist whose song was played during the wedding entrance dance.


  1. Yeah, and the Judge looks too young and the night sticks are fake, and those were plastic flowers! Whine Whine Whine... :) I think the videos are great! Thanks for the cheap entertainment.

  2. Intrepid, I think the first one was unique, but since it got so much buzz, I'm sure that there are more to follow.