Monday, November 9, 2009

Deer Gets into Lion Exhibit at the National Zoo

A young deer hopped into the lion exhibit at the National Zoo yesterday. The full story can be read in an article on the Washington Post Web site. Somebody posted three videos on YouTube (see below).

Quiz: Can you make out what the guy said in the first video around 0:15 after the female lion climbs out of the water soaking wet?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. "Escape" isn't the term I would use since it was put down because it wouldn't survive.

  2. L.A., Agreed. Based on the posting times, it looks like the person posted the video on YouTube before they knew what happened to the deer. Probably not the sort of thing people expected to have their kids see at the zoo. It's a little different than watching it on Animal Planet.

  3. That is both amazing and sad. Apparently all of the crazy behavior of all of the young male deer this time of year is caused by the deer rut which is when the older males force the younger ones to leave the area so they can have the females to themselves. So the young male deer get all confused and get hit by cars, jump into lion cages and smash through the windows of Greek restaurants. That happened last year out in Colesville. I've seen at least one new dead deer in the street each day for the past week. It's pretty disturbing to see that day in and day out.

  4. Cyndy, yes, a crazy time of year. I heard about two car/deer collisions during a single traffic report on the drive home tonight. We're not seeing as much of that in Bowie - not as much as Moco.

  5. Yikes... I was hoping for a better outcome.

  6. Intrepid, yeah, unfortunately, it's easier to get into the lion exhibit than get out. I used to commute through nearby Rock Creek Park, and I would see deer in the city on a regular basis.