Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hilltop / Free State Fire

Firefighters extinguished a brush fire in the woods between Hilltop Plaza and the Free State Shopping Center yesterday. Although I haven't seen any reports yet, someone on the scene suggested that kids may have set the fire. My wife happened to be in the area, and she snapped these photos.

In the alley behind Aldi and MOMs at Hilltop Plaza.

Ashes from the fire on the sidewalk at Hilltop Plaza

The Blitz Crew from Glenn Dale in the back parking lot at the Free State Shopping Center

Between GoodYear and the former Pomo Grille at the Free State Shopping Center

See the following link for more information:


  1. Anybody check with the contractors working there?! Maybe they were burning during construction and threw stuff over the fence! Just another theory.

  2. Most likely teenagers smoking back there... it's a big hang out