Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bang Bang Mongolian Grill Coming to Bowie

A Mongolian grill/stir-fry all-you-can-eat restaurant is coming to the former Pomogrille location in the Free State Shopping Center. The BangBang Mongolian Grill has plans to open six restaurants in Maryland, and the first two will open this fall in Bowie and in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood. According to the Washington Business Journal, there are a handful of restaurants offering similar fare the D.C. region, but BangBang plans to differentiate itself by providing fast service and only healthy options (no fried food). Customers pick their own food on a buffet-style "makeline," and then the food is stir-fried on a grill. Separate grills are used for customers with food allergies. The first BangBang opened in West Des Moines, Iowa in 2010. It looks like the Maryland locations will be the first BangBang restaurants outside of Iowa. On-line reviews of the West Des Moines BangBang are mixed. For more information, see the restaurant's web site:

UPDATE:  As of December, 2011, Bang Bang Mongolian Grille estimates the opening date to be late February, 2012.

BangBang Mongolian,Bowie, Maryland,Free State Shopping Center,Pomogrille

BangBang Mongolian,Bowie, Maryland,Free State Shopping Center,Pomogrille

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  1. Please open your doors! Bowie would like go invite you to its ever so diverse collection of restaurants. Sounds lively and a great alternative to greasy fast food chains that are much of a Bowie let down. Welcome, and please hurry up.