Wednesday, November 23, 2011

City of Bowie trying to attract Trader Joe's?

According to the Bowie Star, State Senator Doug Peters plans to file a bill with the Maryland General Assembly to allow a grocery store in Bowie to sell alcohol. The bill was initiated by Bowie City Manager David Deutsch and the City Council as a way of attracting a specialty grocery store like Trader Joe's to Bowie.

The spaces left vacant by Giant Food in Bowie Plaza and Pointer Ridge Plaza are both appropriate locations for a specialty grocery store.

Alcohol is prohibited for sale in Maryland grocery stores as a general rule, but exceptions exists, including exceptions for several stores in Prince George's County.

Trader Joe's said that opening a store in Bowie is not in their two year plan.  Trader Joe's does not currently have a store in Prince George's County.

The Bowie Star article is not yet posted on-line, so you'll have to grab the paper from your driveway to read the article (Bowie pursues liquor license for specialty grocery story, Bowie Star, Thursday, November 24, 2011).

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