Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lifetime Bowie Resident Gabriel "Flick" Nalley Passes Away at 95

Lifetime Bowie resident Gabriel “Flick” Nalley passed away this week. He was 95. My condolences go out to the Nalley and Kuciemba families.

Family members lost a father, an uncle, a grandfather and a great grandfather, and the community lost a window into local history.

Flick Nalley was born in 1917 on the Belair Farm where his father worked. He later became the farm’s Assistant Manager with duties that included overseeing the tobacco and corn crops.

Levitt’s purchase of the property forced Nalley to leave the farm. Nalley moved his house on Belair to a new location on Forest Drive. Levitt suggested that it would be cheaper for Nalley to purchase one of the new Levitt houses, but Nalley wanted more open space because he was “used to living on a 2300 acre farm.” Two stone pillars that once greeted guests at an entrance to the Belair Farm can be seen today on Forest Drive at the end of Nalley’s driveway.

Nalley later worked for Levitt during the development of Belair at Bowie.

Jeff Krulik filmed this interview with Flick Nalley a couple of years ago. I posted this over the summer, but thought it was worth posting again.

Click here to See Flick Nalley’s obituary.

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