Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Belair Drive Blogger

Every neighborhood seems to have one house that kids are afraid to go near.

This phenomenon is nicely captured in the movie Monster House, where a young boy named D.J. is scared to go on Mr. Nebbercracker's lawn, but his curiosity causes him to obsess about his neighbor.

Bowie may have it's own Mr. Nebbercracker living on Belair Drive. Check out the signs that are hanging on the tree in this front yard.

And the signs on the fence... If you can't make out the letters written on the fence above the signs, they say, "WARNING, I SHOOT TO KILL."

Bowie's Mr. Nebbercracker (not his real name) blogs from his front lawn. He always has an easel-like device in front of his house, and sometimes he posts his thoughts. You can't really read his posts from a passing car, but you can read it from the sidewalk - or if you dare to stop your car and take a picture for your own blog.

This week's posts had to do with unwanted pregnancies and teen driving - two topics that are sometimes related.

If you can't read the above sign, it says:
Practice Birth Control
It's Plain Common Sense!
Stupid is as Stupid Does
Your 5 Minutes of Self Gratification versus a Kid for Life?

And the sign above says:
Now that Maryland has passed your kids to get a licence to
1) They will drive like you ... Ha Ha
2) They will drive like cops do (joke)
3) They will drive like their friends do???
*Make sure you have enough
common sense to teach them to always be aware of the stereotype drivers...we all
know who they are!
These aren't the most articulate posts that I've ever seen, and I've never known anyone to get pregnant as a result of practicing self gratification. The real Mr. Nebbercracker was a much better communicator.

I previously posted here and here about a more tame sign on this lawn. My guess is that Mrs. Nebbercracker put up that sign.


  1. Holy cow. Personally, I'd like to go up to his yard with an eraser and my own dry erase marker to fix his spelling and punctuation errors!!

    Too much-- I'm going to have to ask my Bowie friends if they ever have reason to travel on Belair and tell them to keep an eye out for this house!

  2. Morninglight, does this guy give you any pause about going free-range? Looking forward to reading that book.

    My daughter loves Monster House. Probably a bit too scary for Red, but fine for Jam.