Monday, July 6, 2009

Bowie Fireworks

This year, family and friends saw the Bowie Fourth of July fireworks a couple miles away from Allen Pond - at the Maryland Science & Tech Center. There were maybe 100 or so other people there as well. No traffic jams getting in or out, but we missed the Allen Pond festivities.

This picture gives a sense of the distance.

I zoomed in for the other shots.

This parking lot was our viewing area. This is one of two office buildings that opened up at the Tech Center in 2008.


  1. Your colors came out nice! That is probably one of the ones I saw as I was driving home on Route 50 on Saturday.

  2. Cyndy, I'm sure you did see these. We were on one side of Route 50, and the fireworks were on the other.

  3. I may have to remember this for next year, that is unless the Baysox have a July 4th game

  4. Dickster, it was OK for a remote location. Although I prefer to be up closer to hear the booms, the experience has changed since I was a kid. Rather than hearing the usual "ooooooos" and "aaaaaaahhhhhs" at Allen Pond, people talk through the fireworks like they are at a backyard barbecue. Plus everyone holds up their cell phones to take pictures.