Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Boo-eee

This house in Bowie's Tulip Grove neighborhood features a moving ghost on a runner. In December, Santa and his sleigh will be moving through this yard.

This house on Cherrywood Lane in Bowie's Chapel Forge neighborhood features a graveyard scene each Halloween.

A close-up of the graveyard on Cherrywood Lane.

Another house in the Chapel Forge neighborhood.

Bowie Plaza hasn't been this busy since Giant left. The Spirit Halloween store was crowded all week. I peeked in Saturday before dark, and there were more than forty people waiting in line at the registers. A sign in the window advertises a 50% off sale on November 1.

This scene was not actually in B00-eee. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore hosted several Halloween related events on Saturday, October 24. This was the pumpkin smash with the adult elephants. The pumpkin smash with the young elephants took place earlier in the day, and a great picture of that event was published in many U.S. papers and the Telegraph in the U.K.


  1. "Saw" you over at Morninglight Mama's blog and thought I'd drop by. Great pictures! Some of those tombstones are hilarious!

  2. Samsmama, Thanks for stopping by. I've been by "your place" a few times - back during the time that you e-mailed your ex mother-in-law by accident - a sad story, but a funny post.