Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tysons Corner Rainstorm

I shot this series of photos within a fifteen minute span this afternoon from my office window near Tysons Corner, Virginia. I guess my office is officially in a far corner of McLean, but I'm only a hop, skip and a jump away from shopping mall hell.

The USA Today building can be found at end of the rainbow despite a recent downgrade of Gannett by Wells Fargo.

The dark clouds start to leave as quickly as they came.

The sun's back out.

Cool clouds can be seen as the storm rolls away.


  1. That's rainbow is probably the only reason they're not slugging each other at USA Today like the folks at the WaPo.

  2. L.A., I heard about that stuff going on at the Post. The guy that did the punching basically said, well, that's the stuff that sometimes goes on in newsrooms. I think he's referring to the workplace of old. I imagine that would result in immediate termination at most places - sans the sports teams.