Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pajama Clappin House Party at West Bowie Village Hall

Last July I came across a promotional video for an event to be held at the West Bowie Village Hall. The video advertised an upcoming party called the Pajama Clappin House, and the video featured women performing booty clappin. If you're not familiar with the term, defines booty clappin as follows:

When a woman makes a clapping sound with her booty. Shaking her butt and making the cheeks slap together, making a clapping sound.

Women making their ass cheeks move up and down or side to side. Usually preformed by moving only one ass cheek at a time and not moving any other part of the body.
Although the promotional video for the Pajama Clappin House party is no longer available on YouTube, you can click here to see a sample video of booty clappin. Warning: it's not a good idea to watch the video at work or around the kids.

The promotional video also included shots of the following poster:

The promotional video was shared via Facebook and e-mail, and Nick Marfow, owner of West Bowie Village Hall, LLC, was eventually contacted by someone who saw the video. Marfow expressed shock and concern that this type of event was being planned for the hall, and he said that he was going to cancel the event. Within a few hours of Marfow committing to stop the event, the promotional video was removed from YouTube.

I recently learned that the event was not canceled. The party took place on Sunday, July 18th as planned despite Marfow's claim that he was going to cancel the party.

Although Marfow was telling some people that he would never allow such events to take place in the hall, he continued to allow the hall to be used for the parties. After the murder of 26 year-old Kenneth Lamarr Prince occurred outside the hall, Morfaw could no longer hide the fact that these type of parties were taking place. Morfaw then took the position that there was nothing wrong with the parties.

An injunction was issued last Friday temporarily banning the following types of events from West Bowie Village Hall:

"any commercial dance or other commercial event to which tickets are sold or admission charged to the general public"
A court hearing should take place by October 25th to determine whether or not the ban on these types of events should be permanent.

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