Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teenager Crashes Stolen Plane at Freeway Airport

"Teenager Crashes Stolen Plane at Freeway Airport." That might have been the headline 36 years ago this week when a 17 year old stole a plane from Freeway Airport on Sunday, January 12, 1975 and crashed during takeoff.

According to the NTSB report, the teenager was not certified to fly, and he had zero hours of flight experience.

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  1. I flew out of that airport once. Sure, it's the only time I ever piloted, but it's a connection, right?

  2. 9/11 terrorist Hani Hanjour trained at Freeway Airport for a brief time in 2001. So I guess then that you are connected to terrorists?

  3. Save your ignorant, brainless comments for some other forum. Freeway did its job by not renting airplanes to these guys.

  4. vberry, you're reading more into the comment than what was intended. The comment is not critical of Freeway Airport. According to credible news outlets, Hani Hanjour went up with instructors at Freeway Airport three times, but they never felt comfortable renting a plane to him, and they didn't. So did Hani Hanjour train at Freeway? Sounds like he did unless the Baltimore Sun got it wrong.

    The first person to comment linked himself to the story, and the comment was in jest. The second comment suggested that the first person to comment must then be linked to terrorist, and that comment was also in jest. All facts are true, even though it was in jest, and no one ever criticized Freeway Airport.