Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dave Ross Ice Cream Party, Summer, 1974

Former Maryland House of Delegates member Dave Ross held an annual ice cream party every summer at his house on Whitehall Drive in Bowie. The parties were so large that they spilled over into the neighbors' yards and houses.

Below are pictures from the 1974 ice cream party. Click here to see a full set of pictures from the party on Facebook. Feel free to tag anyone you recognize.

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The Ross' backyard in the Whitehall section during the party.

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (center) chats with Prince George's County Councilman Frank Francois (right).

Mikulski was a Baltimore City Council Member when this picture was taken, and she was running for a U.S. Senate seat at the time. Her 1974 campaign for U.S. Senate is the only election that she's ever lost.

Francois served as a Prince George's County Commissioner before the county switched to the county council form of government. He served 10 years as a County Councilman.

Former Maryland House of Delegates member Xavier Aragona kisses Barbara Mikulski.

Prince George's County Councilman Frank Francois (left) chats with Hyattsville City Councilman (and future Maryland Governor) Parris Glendening (center). To the right of Glendening is Frances Anne Hughes, who would later marry Glendening.

From left to right: Future Maryland House of Delegates Member and Prince George's County District Court Judge Jerry Devlin, future U.S. Congresswoman Gladys Spellman, Maryland House of Delegates Member and party host Dave Ross, and Maryland House of Delegates candidate Marcia Krasnick. All four people in this picture were running for office in 1974. Krasnick would be the only one who wouldn't win.

Bowie was in Maryland District 24 in 1974, and District 24 had three House of Delegate positions. In the 1974 election, Leo Green running as an independent would receive the most votes, Jerry Devlin would receive the second most, and incumbent Dave Ross came in third.

The entertainment.

Jerry Devlin and future Bowie City Councilman Walter Planet. The button reads:

Devlin, Krasnick, Ross
24th District
House of Delegates

Maryland State Senator Ed Conroy (left), Jim Dowden (center)

These pictures were posted as part of the Bowie Blade Pic Project, I've been posting pictures taken by Arnie Miles for the Bowie Blade between 1973 and 1975.

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  1. Is Justin Ross related to Dave Ross?

  2. Justin Ross is Dave Ross' son. Justin was born two years after these pictures were taken. My father in-law, Jerry Devlin, shared a law office with Justin's father in the early 70s. This set of pictures was interesting because I came across pictures of my wife who attended this party when she was two.

  3. The entertainment pic, would be part of the Small Circle of friends that was the folk group for St. Pius church. Pictured are Left to right, Marge Wander, Mike McArdle (i think) Steve Lancaster, Denise McMann (Belcher), I think the last woman is Barbara not sure and the other guy behind is Mark Haddon. Missing in this group is Joe Moran, Linda Thibodo Moran. The group was run by Father Charles Muzzy

  4. Anonymous, thanks so much for the info. I'll have to update the caption here and on Facebook.

  5. Some great pictures of my Dad. Thanks!