Friday, March 4, 2011

Belair Stables, May, 1973

Belair Stables was added to the National Register of Historic Places in May, 1973. The black & white pictures below were taken during a ceremony at the stables when Bowie Mayor Jim Conway unveiled Belair Stables' National Register of Historic Places plaque. The color photos were taken at the Belair Stable Museum in February, 2011.

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Bowie Mayor Jim Conway is standing to the right of the plaque, and Bowie City Councilman Jack O'Brien is on the far right. Bowie City Councilwoman Dene Bain is standing just to the left of the plaque. I'm not sure who the two people are on the left.

Girl Scouts. Second from left is Anne Dinnan.

A portion of a large tulip poplar that came down after a lightning strike on display in the courtyard

It's not clear what became of the plaque that was erected in 1973. In this present day photo, you can see where a plaque once hung (see the wall to the right of the carriage).

It's clear from the pattern of the stones that this was the location of the plaque erected in 1973.

A less detailed plaque will be hung in the stables in the near future.

This is what remains of the section of tulip poplar that has been on display at the museum for years. It broke apart into two pieces.

These pictures were posted as part of the Bowie Blade Pic Project, I've been posting pictures taken by Arnie Miles for the Bowie Blade between 1973 and 1975.

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