Saturday, February 28, 2015

Simply Southern American Grille Opens in Bowie's Hilltop Plaza

February 27, 2015:  My family and I went to Simply Southern American Grille for dinner. Today was the first day the restaurant was open. Simply Southern is located in the Hilltop Shopping Center next to the Chesapeake Grille and Deli in the former Irie Café location (6840 Race Track Rd Bowie, MD 20715; (301) 262-4700).
Simply Southern is owned by Aaron and Uche Loney – the same people who own Irie Café. So it’s only natural to want to compare the two restaurants. Irie Café was very dark and uninviting. Simply Southern has a nice and bright décor. We saw a restaurant full of patrons before we even got to the front door – something we never saw with Irie Café.
Simply Southern American Grille is a sit-down restaurant with moderate prices. The wait staff is very friendly and attentive, and the restaurant is clean. The menu has a limited number of items. There’s no kids’ menu, but they will prepare things like grilled cheese and chicken nuggets on request. They have a bar area, and beer, wine and liquor are available. Entrees range in price from $14 to $21. Takeout orders are accepted.
The food was very good. I had the Jambalaya – and some of my son’s wings – and some of my daughter’s Pulled Pork Sliders – and some of my daughter’s fries. Don’t judge me. It was all good. We’ll be back for sure.

See menu below.


  1. I went here after work with some co-workers and I will not be going back. The place was empty so I expected service to be good. It was not. The waitress took for ever to take our orders, then she took a break and never came back. Other staff act like they could not assist us since it was her table. It took over 15 min to have the check corrected and paid. Food was OK. Not a place I can recommend to others.

  2. That's funny because we said the same thing about Anthony's Pizza which opened last year in the Free State Shopping Center. We visited it just a few days after it opened, and were treated rudely by the wait staff, who acted as if they were doing us a favor by even talking to us. The people at the counter were no better, and their excuse was "well we're really busy tonight." Well for a new business (which had plenty of empty tables when we went in), I'm glad to see that they have so much business that they didn't want ours'.
    We eventually walked out without ordering, and it didn't seem to faze anyone. How in the heck can you expect to keep a business going when your customer service is terrible? I just don't understand it.

  3. Simply Southern a.k.a. Simply Horrible. My family and I were so looking forward to tasting good southern cuisine so close to our home. But, what we received was bad service, overcooked and barely cooked food, a long wait time, and a peculiar odor in the restaurant.