Saturday, October 3, 2009


Have you ever received an e-mail that was meant for someone else? Someone famous? Was it scandalous? Did it have pictures of naked people attached? Perhaps it contained a "meet me in room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel" type of message? Or maybe it was just an airline travel confirmation.

A travel confirmation from U.S. Airways arrived in my in-box today for one Willard M. Romney. Willard? That's right. It turns out that failed presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's full name is Willard Mitt Romney. The itinerary is for a flight from Boston to Philadelphia on October 12th. Mitt Romney does live in Massachusetts, and I discovered that he is giving the keynote address at the Middle Market Corporate Growth Conference in Philadelphia on October 13th.

The confirmation seems legit. The issue date and time matches the time that I received the e-mail . Besides, why would anyone spam people with Mitt Romney travel confirmations?

So why did this get sent to me? My e-mail address doesn't contain "willard", "mitt", "romney", "prolife", "gunowner" or "flipflopper." I suppose that my name must be similar to the name of a member of his staff, and a simple typo on the part of a staff member resulted in this silly blog post.

Since I received the e-mail from U.S. Airways, somebody must still be waiting for a travel confirmation. So I did the responsible thing. I forwarded it on to his PAC. I can just imagine the conversation. "Mr. Romney, some kook named Bowie Mike claims that he has your travel confirmation for your Philadelphia flight!" Maybe they'll send me a copy of the Book of Mormon to show their appreciation.


The following day, I received an update to Mitt Romney's travel confirmation. He upgraded to first class. Still no word from Romney's staff, and still no Book of Mormon.


  1. Funny! What are the chances? Good thing you didn't print it out and go for a ride! :)

  2. Intrepid, yeah, strange that I would get his e-mails. I just posted an update. I received a new travel confirmation because Mitt Romney was upgraded to first class.

  3. Dude... Take the ticket and go... :O)

    Life in the digital age!

  4. That guy on the sidebar of the confirmation is totally creepy!

  5. Cyndy, yeah, I can't figure out what he's doing. Maybe he's picking airline food out of his teeth.