Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bowie News and Views: Dan Melvin

This week's episode of Bowie News and Views is now on YouTube in two parts. John Rouse chats with Bowie businessman Dan Melvin of Melvin Motors about his memories of Bowie. Melvin has lived in the area since he was six years old, and he shared some of the following memories with Rouse:

  • Huntington (Old Bowie) was the population center for the immediate area
  • What is now Route 197 was a gravel road
  • There was a time when Mitchellville was nothing more than a couple of houses, a school and a post office in the heart of tobacco country
  • Melvin visited the Belair Mansion and Belair Stud and Stable as a teenager
  • J-Mart
  • Busing
  • The Democratic Club meeting at McNamara's Barn
Click here to see the entire Bowie News and Views YouTube collection, and click here to see the entire set of Bowie cable television YouTube videos.

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