Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Bowie Christmas

The City of Bowie recently held the 28th Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest. I took pictures of some of the winning entries and some other Christmas sites around Bowie.

The list of addresses for the winning entries can be seen in this PDF file on the City Of Bowie's Web site, and pictures of all of the winning entries can be seen in this large PDF file.

Tony Begenwald received a Best of Bowie Award for this display on Medina Lane. Tony is a repeat winner.

The Norris Family on Moylan Drive received a Spirit Award.

The Galentine Family on Gradys Court received a Best of Bowie Award.

The Robey Family on Gradys Walk received a Spirit Award.

The Gradys Walk neighborhood in Bowie had more than their share of winners. The Westbrook Family on Gradys Walk received a Spirit Award.

More holiday decorations in the Gradys Walk neighborhood, although this house wasn't one of the contest winners.

Christmas decorations in the Whitehall neighborhood.

We came across this Santa on a motorcycle in the Whitehall neighborhood. This was my son's favorite.

This holiday display can be seen every year on Chelton Lane in Bowie's Chapel Forge neighborhood. My picture didn't come out that great, but this decoration appears to be a single strand of lights that hangs in a straight line along the trunk of a tree. It looks like there may be a small ball at the top. I'm not sure if there is any meaning behind the light. It doesn't really look all that festive. I can recall seeing this display for at least the last three or four years.

Santa and Mrs. Claus can be seen each year at the Bowie Train Station Museum on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That Sunday is known as Train Spotting Day in Bowie. The museum is located next to the train tracks that are used by Amtrak for runs between D.C. and points in the Northeast, and more train traffic can be seen near the museum on the Sunday after Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year.

This guy waves to people driving along the Crain Highway near Rips.

The Giant at Free State Mall on Christmas Eve afternoon. The parking lot was packed, and I had to park at the other end of the parking lot in front of Blockbusters.

I ran into this Christmas display on Good Luck Road in Lanham. Here's a little multiple choice test. Which one of the following was your first thought when you saw this?

A. Now that puts me in a holiday mood!
B. Where do they store all this stuff during the rest of the year?
C. How do the garbage men know what to take and what to leave on trash day?
D. I need to find a spot to pull over to take a picture for my blog.

Many Christmas trees remain unsold at this lot in Bowie Plaza on the day after Christmas.


  1. Some great decorations here! Perhaps the single line is to simulate a Festivus pole?? Have you heard any grievances being aired in that general vicinity? :)

  2. Ha! No. And I haven't heard of any feats of strength either!

  3. Or

    E.) Great, I finally found the yard sale.

    Nice photos... Still a bit perplexed on the lights up the tree to the ball. Hm...???

  4. The display your all wondering about is actually my uncle's house. The exact reason why it's done I don't know, but He does it every year and yes He is a bit odd. Jack Daniels will do that to a man. Maybe its to represent the north star in some way? Who Knows.

  5. OK BoogieMan, you'll have to ask him about it the next time you see him.