Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seen Around Town - v3

This house can be found near the corner of Routes 450 and 193 in the Bowie/Glenn Dale area. The sign says "EXPERTHOUSEMOVERS.COM." You be the judge.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the image of a man on this pigeon's neck? He's got bushy hair, a thick mustache, a goatee and fashionable glasses. I found this guy hanging out over the railroad tracks in Old Bowie.

I saw this Canadian Goose at the Bowie Town Center Park. My daughter said, "Hey Dad. Look at the goose with one leg!" I stopped to watch him for a bit because I wanted to know how the heck he got around.

Doh! He was keeping his leg warm underneath his wing.

This is our neighbor's cat - Cookie. Some cats walk around like they own the house. Cookie is an outdoor cat who owns our neighborhood. Even though she's not our cat, she sometimes greets us at our front door when we come home. If you don't block her with your leg, she'll come in the house. Sometimes she'll nap in our garage if I leave the door open. Our next door neighbors have a doggy door, and they will sometimes come home to find Cookie relaxing on their kitchen counter.

I found this bird of prey near Gallant Fox Lane in Bowie. I'm not sure exactly what this is - maybe a falcon or a hawk. It was actually hanging out in a tree with a group of crows. This was as close as I could get before this bird flew away.

Another shot of the mystery bird.

Ya know, Sarah Palin said that this would happen during her lifetime, but who knew that the Messiah would be coming this soon - and to Bowie of all places. There's no point keeping any of my worldy pocessions. Does anyone want my Billy Ocean - Love Zone CD? Who am I kidding? I think it's going to be eternal damnation for me. Can I borrow your sunscreen?

We get three free papers each week in Bowie: The Bowie Blade News, the Bowie Star and the Washington Examiner. These papers are tossed onto driveways throughout the city. The papers will litter some driveways for days or weeks. I came across this driveway in Bowie's Amber Meadows neighborhood.

Billboard in Greenbelt. Did she convince you?

This sign was spray painted by a Ron Paul supporter (I assume) on a Capital Beltway overpass.


  1. I see the man in the pigeon's neck.

    That is probably a Sharp Shinned Hawk, although it could also be a Red Sholdered Hawk. I'm surprised the crows tolerated him in the tree with them. Their normal behavior would be to mob him and drive him away. My crows routinely do that to the local hawk in my neighborhood.

    Good photos!

  2. I've seen that house and had the same thought process! Doesn't look so expert to me! It's all tilted and the porch posts are missing and...

    Love the Messiah sign commentary. :)

  3. Thanks Bob. I checked out Google images of those two hawks that you mentioned. The Red Shouldered Hawks in those pics all seem a little different from each other. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but I was limited with my camera. I was walking through a clear field toward him, and I probably got within 60 feet before he flew away. The crows baffled me too. There were probably five crows on the edges of the tree, and the hawk was in the middle.

    L.A., yeah, that house has been there a long time. Its original location was further down 450 toward Bowie across from the old turf farm (across from where they have a Safeway and Golds Gym), and we heard that it was supposed to be put on the site of the Marietta Mansion, which is pretty close by. Let me know if you want my CDs!

  4. You've got something for everyone here. Great pictures! I can definitely see the man in the pigeon. I'll be "doing" as we say, the Messiah over on the Eastern shore this coming weekend. It's that time of year!

  5. Thanks Cyndy. Sounds like December could be a busy month for you.