Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snowfall of the Season in Bowie

I've heard people say that the Greater D.C. area has a heavy snow season about once every seven years. No weather cycle could be that exact, but it's sort of worked out that way in recent years. There was heavy snow in the 1995-1996 season (14 years ago), and the 2002-2003 season featured the President's Day storm that dumped 24 inches of snow on Bowie (7 years ago). If that trend continues, we can expect to see more snow than usual in Bowie this winter.

Here are the most recent years where D.C. received 20 or more inches of snow (according to the folks at Accuweather). The approximate seven year cycle holds true for the last 22 years, but breaks down after that.

2002-2003 (40.4 inches; 7 years ago)
1995-1996 (46 inches; 14 years ago)
1987-1988 (25 inches; 22 years ago)
1986-1987 (31 inches; 23 years ago)
1982-1983 (27 inches; 27 years ago)
1981-1982 (22.5 inches; 28 years ago)
1978-1979 (37.7 inches, 31 years ago)
1977-1978 (22.7 inches; 32 years ago)
1967-1968 (21.4 inches; 42 years ago)
1966-1967 (37.1 inches; 43 years ago)

Bowie received the first snow accumulation of the season yesterday. It was a heavy, wet snow that started as rain. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Bridge in Foxhill Park. My wife's brother told her many years ago that George Washington marched his troops over this bridge (not true).

Sledders in Foxhill Park

Belair Horse Stables

Belair Mansion

I've always liked this house in the Long Ridge section. Yeah, I know. The houses in the Long Ridge section all look the same, but this one is always so well maintained, and they have that great tree in the front yard.

Allen Pond


  1. It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Your first two photo almost look like paintings - beautiful!

  2. Thanks Cyndy. It was tough trying to shield my camera from the heavy wet snow. I was looking forward to more snow so that I could take some sunny snow pics on Sunday, but there really wasn't enough for that.

  3. Looks great! Makes me wanna start singing.... "White Christmas" Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Intrepid. Guess you're not expecting a white Christmas in L.A.?