Sunday, December 13, 2009

Indian Food Comes to Bowie

UPDATE: The White Tiger closed the Bowie Town Center location in December, 2012. 

Ethnic dining choices in Bowie are almost as rare as white tigers. So it's only fitting that the first restaurant to offer Indian cuisine in Bowie be called The White Tiger.

The White Tiger, a Capitol Hill restaurant for the last thirteen years, opened a fast food venue in the Bowie Town Center food court on the day after Thanksgiving, and Kavitha Ravishankar, a member of the family that owns and runs the restaurant, said that business in the Bowie location has been great ever since.

Customers can order from a small list of specials, or they can choose appetizers and buffet items for faster service. Buffet items change multiple times per day. Buffet combos are available with your choice of two or three entrees, salad, and your choice of rice or naan. Vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and fish pakoras are available as appetizers. When I stopped by last Friday for lunch, the buffet included chicken tikka masala, a spinach and beef dish, peppered curried wings, vegetable korma and daal maharani. Ravishankar said that chicken vindaloo is frequently offered as well. Raita is available for dipping (it's great with the samosas) as well as the popular yogurt drink - lassi.

Other menu items take about ten minutes to prepare, according to Ravishankar. Tandoori chicken, lamb chops, chicken tikka, paneer tikka and chole batura are available.

The other customers that I spoke to last Friday were all very happy with their meals. One woman told me that The White Tiger is her new favorite restaurant, and she's been to The White Tiger three times in the last week.

Ravishankar, a resident of Bowie's Heather Hills neighborhood, said that the family hopes to open a formal Indian restaurant in Bowie after establishing clientele at the Bowie Town Center location.

Bowie Town Center Food Court

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  1. I haven't been to the food court in a while. I may have to check this place out

  2. Dickster, I don't go there that often either. A couple of weeks ago, my son made an unusual request to get a slice of pizza from Pizza Villa, and we stumbled across The White Tiger while we were there. I'll probably stop by more often now.

  3. I thought I left a comment here about the White Tiger. Maybe it didn't go through. Anyway, I love Indian food. It's better when it's quick. A nice substitute for pizza or a burger. I'll have to check out the Tiger on my next trip through. Thanks for the rec.

  4. Intrepid, I found myself back there for some more last Tuesday. I might try to make it a regular thing. I've had situations where I thought I posted a comment, and it didn't go through. Usually I typed in my word verification wrong or the word verification expires, and I don't notice the error message.

  5. I'm good at typing in the wrong word verification messages. My spelling is bad to begin with and when they start mixing up the letters, it just gets worse. :)