Sunday, January 31, 2010

Late January Snowfall - The Day After

The sun came out the day after a storm dumped about 5 inches of snow on Bowie. The meteorologists originally predicted a dusting to two inches, so the extra snow was a surprise. I heard a lot of complaints about the incorrect forecast, but then again, we were told a storm was coming before it ever existed.

Major roads like Annapolis Road (seen here), Stoneybrook Drive, Belair Drive, Millstream Drive and Old Chapel Road were clear of snow early Sunday morning.

Side roads like Sussex Lane still had a layer of snow early Sunday despite having been plowed. Pavement on the side roads was showing through by the afternoon after the sun warmed things up a bit.

Crews worked to clear snow at Kenilworth Elementary School. The sidewalks and parking spaces were mostly free of snow at Kenilworth Elementary by noon on Sunday, but a two-hour delay for Monday in Prince George's County was already announced by Sunday evening.

Sledding at Kenilworth Elementary School.


  1. Mike G., Yeah, you got lucky this time, but I imagine there is usually more snow in Cleveland than D.C.