Saturday, January 30, 2010

Late January Snowfall in Bowie

Snow started falling heavily around 9:00 this morning in Bowie, and there was about five inches of the white stuff on the ground by 7:00pm.

I stopped by Best Buy at the Bowie Town Center, and it was the first time I found parking in front and no line at the register. I almost didn't recognize the place.

The snow-covered Bowie bushes

Old Chapel Road. The roads were very slippery.

Snow plow on Route 197 in front of Benjamin Tasker Middle School. The blade works better when it's down.

City of Bowie plow on Mitchellville Road - with the blade down.

An accident on Laurel Bowie Road (Rt 197) at Old Chapel Road. Apparently car(s) coming down the hill on Old Chapel Road couldn't stop in time.

Four Bowie Police officers work the scene.

The view from the top of the hill on Old Chapel Road

Police closed off Old Chapel Road at Laurel Bowie Road

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