Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jeff Krulik's Bowie Related Videos

Bowie High School Class of '79 President Jeff Krulik has been making films and videos for more than 20 years. His material includes a raw man-on-the-street interview with Sam Smith in I like to Meet People and the more polished and quirky On the Bus featuring footage and interviews with Ernest Borgnine as the Emmy Award winner tours the U.S. in a tripped out bus. Krulik recently said that he's drawn back to Bowie more and more, and he has a lot of Bowie film ideas swirling through his head.

Some of Krulik's Bowie related videos can be seen below.

In A Visit with Mrs. Cunningham, Krulik interviews former Buckingham Elementary School Principal Maxine Cunningham as he shares footage that Krulik's mother filmed of one of the Halloween parades hosted at the school.

Krulik toured the Bowie Wastewater Treatment Plant with fellow Class of '79 member and City of Bowie employee Bryan Thompson in a two part video. Krulik's favorite quote from the video is when Bryan Thompson said, "whatever you do, don't step in any of that juice."

In I Took AP Biology with Mr. Smouse, Krulik follows Bowie High School Class of '79 classmate Damian Jones as he visits his old biology classroom.

In Freek Week, Krulik interviews Bowie High School Class of '79 student Bryan Thompson explaining the origin of Freek Week, Thompson's Spirit Week parody from 1979.

In Bulldog Restoration at Bowie High School, Krulik films Bruce Hunter telling the stories of how he created the bulldog painting at the end of the 2nd floor wing at Bowie High School and how he helped restore the bulldog during the Class of 1979 30th reunion.

In Teacher Lounge is 175 Degrees, Krulik takes a tour of Bowie High School with his fellow classmates as part of the Class of '79 30th reunion activities.

Bowie High School had an underground newspaper called Off the Wall in the late 70s. In Off the Wall Reunion, Krulik interviews volunteers for Off the Wall during a reunion in 2008.

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