Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pomo Grille Follow-Up: Squisito Opens in Crofton

When the Monte Development Group closed the Pomo Grille in Bowie last January, the owner planned on opening a Squisito Pizza & Pasta restaurant in the same Free State Shopping Center location. The owner of the property, Federal Realty Investment Trust, had an alternate plan. Monte Development Group was forced to abandon the property, but they vowed to return to Bowie.

The plan came to fruition earlier this month with a slight modification. Monte Development Group opened a Squisito restaurant in Crofton at the Crofton Centre shopping center (near Kmart and Shoppers).

Squisito customers order food at the counter, and servers deliver the food to the tables. Some people compare it to The Italian Market. Takeout is also available.

We've visited the new restaurant twice since it opened. I liked the pizza crust and sauce, but the pineapples on my pizza during the second visit were not not sweet at all.

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