Saturday, May 1, 2010

Late 70s Bowie on Video

In this age of YouTube, it's easy to take videos for granted, but fewer personal videos were being filmed back in the 1970s.

Bowie High School Class of '79 member Todd Mars brought a video camera to school several times between 1977 and '79. He filmed the school, his classmates and a few scenes from around Bowie.

In preparation for the Class of '79 25th reunion in 2004, Todd Mars and Class of '79 President Jeff Krulik added narration to the films. The films were later reformatted to DVD, and DVDs were given to their classmates during the 30th reunion.

Jeff Krulik recently posted these videos on YouTube using the YouTube user name BowieHigh79. Although the videos are probably most interesting to people that attended Bowie High School during that time, I did find some clips that I thought were of general interest to anyone from Bowie.

This first video contains scenes from what Todd believes is Flechertown Road (from 0:32 to 1:35 on the film), and scenes from around Bowie as Todd is given a ride from Bowie High School to his home on Woodrow Lane in the Whitehall section (from 4:00 to 5:00). It looks like Todd took the following route home:

  • East on Annapolis Road by the Library (you can see the old Mobil at the corner of Annapolis Rd and Stonybrook Drive).
  • Left on Millstream Drive
  • Right on Chapel Forge Drive
  • Left on Old Chapel Road
  • Right on Whitehall Drive
  • *camera off*
  • Woodrow Lane

This second video may be of interest to anyone that wants to see what the outside of Bowie High School looked like in the late 70s (see 0:01 to 1:50 on the video).

To see the other Todd Mars videos, visit Jeff Krulik's BowieHigh79 channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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