Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bowie Fires: Then and Now

Wednesday night's fire on Kembridge Drive (click here to read details) inspired me to search through some of the negatives from photos that Arnie Miles shot for the Bowie Blade back in the 1970s. The negatives for these photos are on loan from Arnie Miles, and I have been posting them on Bowie Living as part of the Bowie Blade Pic Project.

Member of Bowie Volunteer Fire Department Company 39 were present at both fires. I was able to make out the names "Silvers" and "Lawson" from the helmets in the 1975 photos.

May or June, 1975

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September 22, 2010
The 12300 block of Kembridge Drive

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  1. The firefighters were likely Jimmy Silvers and Stu Lawson (white helmet). I believe the 3rd person in that shot is Dave Schultz.

  2. Anonymous, I was hoping there would be some interest and feedback on the old photos. Thanks for the info!