Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly News from the Bowie Star

Guns have been involved in two robberies in Bowie during the last week, including a robbery at a Bank of America ATM. Click here to read the story.

A long term dispute between self proclaimed Bowie city activist Richard Dahms and City officials reached the attention of the Bowie Star after City Manager David Deutsch dropped a criminal complaint against Dahms. I have heard Richard Dahms described as a "street angel, house devil" who some people find to be very nice in person, but he publishes a hate filled Web site and frequently sends ridiculous rambling e-mails to local media and elected officials. One of those e-mails contained an alleged threat to cut off Deutsch's nuts. Advertisements for Dahms Web site have recently appeared on Facebook. Click here to read the Bowie Star story, and click here to read the ramblings of the Bowie city mad man. His words speak for themselves.

The last concert of Bowie's Sunset Concert Series takes place this coming Sunday at Allen Pond. Click here to read about the concert and see other community notes.

The following Bowie related stories appeared in this week's Bowie Star:

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