Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Week in the Bowie Blade-News

Some Bowie residents were bothered by problems created by poll workers and high voter turnout during early primary voting at the Bowie Library. Click here to read the story.

A Prince George's County Circuit Court judge issued an order in an attempt to limit the impact of phony political endorsement fliers. Click here to read the story.

More than 200 needy seniors have asked for help with home repairs through a city run program. Click here to read the story.

Bowie City Councilman Todd Turner used his new leadership skills to convince the City Council to approve partial funding for his participation in a leadership training program. Click here to read the story.

In this week's Police Beat section, the Bowie Blade-News reported that County Executive candidate Gerron Levi allegedly left Ledo Pizza in Crofton without paying her dinner tab. The article failed to mention that Levi later returned to the restaurant and paid her tab, and the store owner is satisfied that the issue has been resolved. Click hear to read the incomplete story in the Bowie Blade-News Police Beat, and click here to read the resolution to the Levi incident as published more than a week ago on the Bowie Star's website.

Candidates' answers to a Bowie Blade-News survey were published with little time to spare before the September 14th primary election. Michael Jackson, Sam Dean and Henry Turner did not respond. Click here to see the responses.

Click here to see more news and articles on the Bowie Blade-News Web site.

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