Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shukoor Ahmed Wins Bowie Living Award

Bowie Living is happy to announce that Shukoor Ahmed has won the 2010 Bowie Living Sign Waving Award for best political sign waver.

Ahmed's waving should be trademarked as a choreographed dance. Shukoor performs the following moves all at once in a quick three second number.
  • Crouches down to make sure drivers can see his face as they drive by.
  • Wide smile
  • Violently waves right hand
  • Holds up sign with left hand
  • Shuffles his feet as he quickly runs backwards to try to keep up with the cars driving by
Bobby Henry came in second place with his more casual style of sign waving. Henry has a cool smile and an easy wave, but he stands still rather than attempting to run backward with traffic. Henry will point at the driver in every 5th car with an expression on his face that seems to say, "hey, I know you!"

I interrupted Shukoor Ahmed's waving routine for a quick photo at the intersection of Routes 450 and 197 in Bowie on August 30, 2010.

If that is Shukoor Ahmed in the near corner, who is the mystery man on the other corner waving an Ahmed sign?

After having the photo enhanced at the Bowie Living field office in Omaha, Nebraska, I believe that the other sign waver is the man who calls himself the Bowie City Activist, Richard Dahms. If this is the Bowie City Activist, I personally think that Shukoor Ahmed would be better off letting a stick of wood hold up his sign. On the other hand, this may be a good place for the Bowie City Activist as he is out in the open where he can easily be seen and no one will hear his name calling over the noise of the speeding cars. Comparing Bowie city officials to Nazis? Get real Bowie City Activist! Nazi comparisons are so overused and misused. Who cares? Bowie Living cares!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this story. I am working to add one supporter at one time. I did not have the luxury to get an endorsement of City Council which I believe was inappropriate at best and illegal at worst. They did not even speak with candidates and interviewed them.

    Thank you again for taking the time to do this blog/story