Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day in Pics - Rainbow, Clouds, Moon and Bat

Some pictures that I took today...

I found this rainbow along Route 301 in Upper Marlboro toward the end of the day.

Rainbow over 7's. A complete arch was visible, but I couldn't find a good place to take a shot. I took this one while waiting at a stop light on 301. Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to find the end of the rainbow. It turned out to be the drive-thru window of Duffy's Wine and Spirits in Waysons Corner.

Some interesting clouds.

With the moon in the background...

The moon was bright, but not full. I tried to take a picture through the trees in my backyard. Looks like I've got to experiment some more with this one.

It's been a long project of mine to snap a picture of a bat in my yard, and believe it or not, this is the best one so far. The lighting is a challenge, and the bats move so quickly and erratically. This bat was probably 30 feet up in the air. I took a wide shot, and then cropped the picture. This represents 1% of the total picture. It looks a little like a Loch Ness Monster sighting.

I had better luck taking a video of the bats. I tried chasing them with the camera, so it's a little like watching the Blair Witch Project. If you turn up the sound, you can hear the crickets as well as The Crayfish playing at the Whitehall Pool & Tennis Club annual crab feast. The Crayfish features Bowie City Councilman Jimmy Marcos on drums. Can you tell what early 80s hit they are playing? Click here for the answer.


  1. Tempted - a great song! I had to cheat because I couldn't hear it under the crickets. I like your bat photo. It kind of looks like a UFO.

  2. Cyndy, I always think the bat photos will come out better than they do. When I take the picture with the flash, I can see the bat clearly, but the camera can't auto-focus on something it can't see. So I have a lot of pictures that are just black.