Monday, August 24, 2009

Former Belair Mobil Gas Station to Close

Former Bowie City Councilman, Dick Arnold, opened Belair Mobil at the corner of Stonybrook Drive and Annapolis Road in 1982. In recent years, the station became affiliated with Sunoco. After 27 years in operation, the station will close in December. The lot will be cleared to make way for a PNC Bank branch. Looks like I'll need to find a new place to fill up.


  1. dude. that sucks. most convenient gas station -- easy in-and-out.

  2. Mike,I thought that I would pay you a vist after reading you comment on Dickster's site.You stated my point far better that i did.thank you.

  3. Anonymous, yes, it is convenient, but I also feel good about giving my business to Dick Arnold and his family because of his involvement in the Bowie Interfaith Food Pantry. Plus he's always helpful when it comes to various fundraisers.