Saturday, August 15, 2009

Race Track Road to get New Traffic Light

It looks like Race Track Road is getting a new traffic light at the intersections with Idlewild Drive and Marquette Lane. This section of road seems to attract fast and aggressive drivers, and I can't imagine it's very easy to exit these neighborhoods onto Race Track Road. It's also not always easy exiting from Hilltop Plaza onto Race Track Road in either direction. I'm looking forward to having these lights activated.


  1. I was wondering if anyone blogged about these. In all honesty, I'm still a bit weary about them. For people who've been driving down a relatively traffic-light-free (aside from the one at 450, and the other one way down 197) Race Track Road for decades... I still worry that some people may "zone out" and fly right through the red lights, not being used to it. Hopefully I'm wrong... but I'm keeping an eye on them for when they take those tarps down! I live right off of Race Track, so to go ANYWHERE, I have to get on Race Track first, 99% of the time heading towards 450.

  2. Anonymous, I think you're right. It will take some getting used to at first, and you probably won't be able to assume that people are going to stop. I suppose it will be like the "new" 197/450 intersection. The traffic light has been there a few years now, and it's hard to remember what it was like without it.