Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Time to Right a Wrong - Do Your Part

Do people really think that the food at P.F. Chang's is better than the food at Bowie's Grace's Fortune? WTOP is currently conducting a survey to determine where the best Chinese food can be found in the D.C. area. Voting ends early Friday, and here are the results so far.

I think this is more of a popularity contest than a true food comparison test. Click here to vote. I pulled the lever for the hometown team.

I suppose that someone can make that argument that none of the food served at these places is "real" Chinese food.

This reminds me of a quote from Season 1 of the Amazing Race. Fraternity brothers Kevin and Drew were in China. I think it was Drew that was being interviewed, and he said, "we're taking a break to have a little Chinese food - or as they call it here in China, 'food'." That always gives me a laugh. I guess I'm sort of simple that way.


  1. Hey, If loving PF Changs is wong, then I don't wanna be right.

  2. Mrs. BM, you grab takeout from PF Changs, I'll stop at Grace's, and then we can both head to Simple Pleasures for dessert.

  3. I lived in South Korea for several years and did eat "real" Chinese food. Once. It all tasted like it had been cooked in rancid grease. I never had worse food, even when I was living on a remote mountaintop with the Korean army. We ate fish soup three meals a day for two weeks when they couldn't resupply us. Even that was better than Chinese food.

  4. Bob, my wife's brother had some roommates from China, and I used to see some crazy stuff in the fridge - chicken's feet, for example. Although it's not a Chinese restaurant, my wife's favorite restaurant is up your way - Thai Landing in Baltimore.