Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fine Shopping Returns to Bowie for Halloween

The Spirit Halloween store is returning to the former Giant space in Bowie Plaza this fall. Ample supplies of overpriced plastic eyeballs, bloody hands, giant spiders and twitching rats will be available.

New this year is the Mr. Ponzi Mask so that you too can trick your friends into thinking that you are are the $62.5 billion swindler, Bernie Madoff.

If you are in search of something more traditional, you can try the Mud Flap Mullet Wig and Mustache or the Friday the 13th Deluxe Jason Mask.

You can also help the store with their overstocked items by purchasing a John Kerry Mask. Apparently Halloween Spirit misread the polls in Ohio too, and they failed to understand the consequences of long lines at polling stations in Cleveland.

To avoid the appearance of Halloween-as-usual, the Sarah Palin mask has been retired this year rather than pushing lame and ineffective costumes on the American public.

The Dick Cheney Mask is also being retired this year, and the speculation is that it will be replaced with a Liz Cheney mask in the not so distant future.

Rumor has it that Halloween Spirit will donate $1 to the State of California for each Governator Mask sold, but representatives could not be reached by blog post time.

The George W. Bush Mask is still available, and we are being told by a select few people that history will reveal that this is the greatest Halloween mask of all time.

New this year is a Mark Sanford Mask, although Halloween Spirit does not currently know the whereabouts of these masks. If the masks are found, they may be sold in a set with either the Immortal Mistress costume or the Church Lady costume. Stay tuned.

When this Halloween madness is over, I hope that a grocery store will once again occupy this space in Bowie Plaza. A Gazette article from last year indicates that Giant was still holding the lease in February, 2008, and I heard rumors that Giant was willing to sub-lease to anyone except for a competing grocery store. A memo on the City of Bowie web site from City Manager David Deutsch shows an interest on the part of the City to bring a grocery store back to Bowie Plaza.

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