Thursday, February 18, 2010

MOMs Organic Market Now Open in Bowie

MOM's Organic Market held a grand opening last weekend for its 6th store at the Hilltop Plaza in Bowie. The crowds showed up, and parking spaces were hard to find. Click here for the related company press release, store hours and directions.

The store is stocked with packages containing all the buzzwords and phrases you would expect to see in an organic grocery store: certified organic, no preservatives, no chemical additives, gluten free, wheat free, all natural, dairy free, vegan, kosher and meatless. Popular organic brands are available including Kashi, Cascadian Farm and MOM's own brand.

MOM's sells much more than fresh organic produce. Available for sale are dairy products, bulk foods, cereals, bread, baked goods, prepared foods, chips, cookies, ice cream, frozen foods (including pizza and other entrees), pet foods (including refrigerated chicken and beef offerings), health and beauty products and household cleaning products.

The employees are super friendly, and even the store manager, Nick, helps carry bags out to customers' cars.

MOM's has a mission to "protect and restore the environment," according to a mission statement on its Web site, and the press release announcing the opening of the Bowie store includes the following details about the new location.

MOM's mission is to protect and restore the environment, and the newest store was designed with that purpose in mind. Like all MOM's markets, it is fueled by 100% wind power. It also features highly efficient closed-door coolers with L.E.D. lighting; eco-friendly counter tops crafted from renewable bamboo and sunflower hulls; and energy-saving reduced wattage lightbulbs overhead. Underfoot, the site's original terrazzino flooring has been recycled, giving it a new lease on life at MOM's.

I was on my own for dinner last night, so I decided to check out MOM's selection of prepared foods. I chose a Buffalo Wing Sandwich.

I also bought a Chick Peas Salad. I'm not sure who determined that this 7 oz salad contains 8 servings. I pigged out and ate all eight servings.

Wait a minute! Check out the inside of my Buffalo Wing Sandwich. I don't think anything inside this sandwich ever clucked! It's best not to look at the faux meat. It did taste like Buffalo Wings, and I'm sure it's more healthy.

And for dessert...

I also picked up some organic produce, including my favorite apples - Fuji.

And some of MOM's own milk...

And all the way from Skagit Valley, Washington, Fruitful O's for the kids...

6824 Race Track Road, Bowie, MD 20715

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  1. That "Mom's Own Milk" brand name (hopefully it's just the NAME!) is rather creepy... perhaps another name is in order. Just sayin'...

  2. Anonymous, Good catch. I probably could have worded that better - although the MOM's milk did taste familiar.

  3. The Organic Milk is Bottled at "Trickling Springs Creamery,PA" and its rated amongst the good ones. You might want to refer here!

  4. Anonymous, thanks for the info. Wow! Trickling Springs gets a four cow rating out of five possible cows!