Monday, February 8, 2010

The Snowstorm Chronicles - Monday Morning on the Roads

I got my car back on the road Monday morning to run some errands and to possibly head to work in Tysons Corner. I found State and County roads to be the in the worst condition, and City of Bowie roads to be in the best condition. I was surprised to see the state of Laurel Bowie Road (Rt 197) and Old Chapel Road. I assumed that the major roads would be in the best shape, but that's not what I saw. I've heard that a lot of the county and state roads are plowed by contractors, and if they aren't properly supervised, some of them will not put their plows all the way down for fear of damaging their equipment. I captured a picture showing a contractor on Route 197 without his plow down during the the January 30th storm. Click here to see that post.

Laurel Bowie Road (Route 197) Near the Post Office

Old Chapel Road near Whitehall Elementary School

Woodhaven Lane, a residential street in Bowie, is plowed down to the pavement.

There is still a lot of plowing to do at Bowie Plaza. This Bobcat wasn't running when I saw it.

The Free State Shopping Center parking lot was in great shape, but the mounds of snow took up quite a few parking spots.

The Sunoco parking lot at the corner of Old Chapel Road and Laurel Bowie Road could be in better shape. Notice the snow on Old Chapel Road at the bottom of the picture.

Our street appears to be in the worst condition of all of the residential streets that I saw. Hopefully the City will take care of this today.


  1. 301 and 197 were in pretty rough shape when I was out late morning/early afternoon and we got more on the way. Not sure where we will put it in my little townhouse complex

  2. We were out and about tonight, and things were a real mess in most places. Route 197 near Bowie State is nuts.