Monday, February 22, 2010

Seen Around Town #5

We previously posted this picture of a prank seen on Stonybrook Drive. According to an article in the Bowie Blade, someone driving by dialed 911 because they thought that there was a real emergency, and the fire department responded. If I thought that someone was really stuck in the snow like this, I think I might try to pull them out myself before dialing 911.

I stopped in at MOMs Organic Market again last Saturday, and the parking lot was packed once again. I overheard a customer say to one of the cashiers something like, "I'm so happy that you're here in Bowie!" There seems to be a lot of excitement about the new Bowie store.

I also noticed that the McDonald's building is now gone from Hilltop Plaza. The restaurant closed the location last November.

Volunteers shoveled the sidewalk along Old Chapel Road in Bowie on Saturday. Parents and some children from Whitehall Elementary School and Samuel Ogle Middle School participated.

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