Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where in Bowie? #3 - Answer revealed.

In a previous post, I asked where this picture was taken in Bowie.

Anonymous correctly guessed that this picture was taken at Allen Pond Park, but it's not the roof of the amphitheater. Val correctly guessed that this is a pavilion at either Allen Pond Park or White Marsh Park. The picture shows a portion of the roof trusses at the gazebo/pavilion on the island at Allen Pond Park.

I stopped by Allen Pond Park during Saturday's snowstorm to take pictures for this Where in Bowie post. Snow had blown into the gazebo, and I laid on my back in the snow to take this picture.

Another picture of the roof trusses. It's not very interesting - other than to show where the mystery picture was taken.

The gazebo. The City of Bowie is currently planning renovations to Allen Pond Park. Two proposals were presented to the public on January 5th, and both plans called for the closure of the Allen Pond island - where this gazebo resides. After public comments, the plans to close the island were removed, and it now appears that a new fishing pier will be added to the island. See this Gazette article for more information.

The steps leading to the gazebo.

The bridge to the island. The gazebo sits on top of the hill in the background.

The bridge to the island.

Here's a bit of trivia. Did you know that there is a park within a park? Click here to read about Opportunity Park inside Allen Pond Park.

Care for a seat?

Care for a drink?

The turtle.

Snow slide in Opportunity Park.

The paddle boats are docked for the winter.

Limited Harvest Fishing Area
No Swimming Allowed
No Ice Skating

Boats Not Permitted

A "regular" goose. This goose would lift his/her neck up every so often to shake off the snow.

When the goose wasn't shaking off the snow, he/she preferred this pose.

These ducks huddled together.

Frozen food?

Open tables. The sign says, "No Reservations Required."

The snow didn't keep the hockey players away from the City of Bowie Ice Arena.


  1. Those are some great snow shots. I didn't know they had paddle boats in Bowie. I might have to check them out next summer!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Thanks Cyndy. After your trip last year to Centennial Lake, you might be disappointed with the paddle boats in Bowie. Allen Pond is much smaller and less remote. The paddle boats may be going away too. The City is in the process of approving plans for the park, and at least one of those plans called for the paddle boats to go.

  4. I'm a Bowie native who moved away about 10 years ago, and I haven't been to Allen Pond in about 15. But I knew exactly what that photo was as soon as I saw it! That was always my favorite part of the park when I was a kid, especially since very few people ever ventured over there. Thanks for bringing back memories!

  5. Bowie Native, Glad you stopped by. I love to get comments like yours.

  6. Man, these are some great shots! Thanks for sharing!

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