Saturday, September 19, 2009

Generous George's Closing!!!

Following an afternoon visit to National Harbor, we took the kids to their favorite quirky and kid friendly pizza place - Generous George's on Duke Street in Alexandria. We discovered that this will be our last trip to Generous George's as its final day in business is tomorrow - Sunday, September 20th. A lot of the waiters and waitresses will not have jobs after tomorrow. In fact, our waitress told us that a lot of unemployed people were still asking about positions at Generous George's - not realizing that the restaurant is closing.

I searched the Internet for stories about the closing of Generous George's, but I wasn't able to find any.

Below is a picture of the Generous George's sign. I took this near dusk, so it's hard to make out the sign at the bottom of the picture that says, "BUILDING FOR SALE."

Below are some pictures that I took from our last visit - most from the mini game room and party room in the basement.


  1. Oh Well.
    There still Generous Georgein Herndon!

  2. Anonymous, we'll have to check out the Herndon location.

    NBC4 was the only news outlet that picked up the story of the closing (click here).

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