Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween Spirit

Last month I posted about the Spirit Halloween store returning to Bowie Plaza in the old Giant space, and I poked a little fun at the politician masks. The store recently opened, and my kids and I stopped in for a little fun on Saturday morning.

That's right. We didn't buy anything. We just treated it like a free haunted house. For Christmas this year, we're just going to let the kids play in the toy section at Target, and next Easter, we're going to hide eggs at Giant.

They're still in the process of setting up some of the displays, but there was plenty to see.

Here is one of the automated displays. This guy looked a little too real.

Hmmmm. What is her size?

John and Kate plus ??????

Don't worry! Only a prop!

Who says we don't need universal health coverage for preventive care?

If fellow Bowietian and blogger, Dickster1961, had a Halloween nightmare, this is what it would be - more Obamas!


  1. Summer's basically over... Time to look forward to Halloween. A funny Dig on "Dickster." He'll get you back! :)

  2. Intrepid, that was a test to see if the Dickster is still reading my posts. So far - no Dickster!