Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sandy Hill Community Park

Note: See bottom of this post for a Google map and the address for Sandy Hill Community Park.

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were exploring alternate parking lots for my daughter to practice her two-wheel bicycle skills. One of the places we checked out is Sandy Hill Community Park on Laurel Bowie Road - the old section of Laurel Bowie Road that connects Maryland Route 197 with Old Bowie.

The Sandy Hill park is small. It includes a baseball field as well as a combination soccer/football field. The hill that's visible in the distance is not a sandy hill. It's cover for a small mountain of garbage from the shuttered Sandy Hill Landfill - closed since June, 2000. Unfortunately, the county reports that some contaminants have since been found in nearby monitoring wells.

We found this cool tree next to the parking lot.

Google Map of Sandy Hill Community Park
9450 Old Laurel Bowie Rd, Bowie, MD 20720
(this is the address that comes closest to the park according to Google Maps)

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  1. Cyndy, yeah, would be great for a swing or just shade. Too bad it's in the shadow of an old dump. That creates sort of a psychological barrier. The fence works well with the tree.