Friday, September 18, 2009

Saddlebrook East Community Park

We recently took the training wheels off my daughter's bike. She's still getting comfortable with having just two wheels, so lately we go bike riding in wide open parking lots instead of narrow sidewalks and trails. We were getting tired of the same old circular bus loop at the nearby school, so we thought we would explore some alternate locations.

I've driven by this sign on Race Track Road many times, and I assumed that this park was only for residents of the Saddlebrook East development. This sign is not like the typical signs that you see for county or city parks.

There is also a gate at the entrance, although I've never seen it closed. Along with access to the park, this entrance provides access to the horse race track at the Bowie Training Center. This sign makes it seem like this isn't someplace that you should be.

We found a somewhat new and empty parking lot a few hundred yards from the entrance.

And two nice soccer fields.

There is also a short trail that runs along the soccer fields.

The race track sits on a hill above the parking lot. We occasionally caught a glimpse of a horse and rider.

I read about the park on-line after our visit. This is actually a county park that is in the process of being built. Budget cuts have slowed progress. It is supposed to have three soccer fields when it's finished. In this picture, you can see a fence that separates the park from the Saddlebrook East development. According to the county plans, the entrance to the park is supposed to be through the Saddlebrook East neighborhood.

In the brush at the edge of the parking lot, we found an old sign that directed horse racing fans back to Washington and Baltimore.

I'll post more on other parks we explored in future posts.

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