Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Everybody is up on Current Events

I was in a meeting today, and one of my co-workers was giving a project status report. When he announced that everything was on schedule and within budget, I shook my finger at him and shouted, "you lie!" That would have been more funny if he had actually seen Obama's health care address to the joint session of Congress or if he had heard the news story about Congressman Joe Wilson. He hadn't.


  1. How do you type hysterical laughing without resorting to the SO over "LOL?"

    That was too funny. Oh my.

  2. unfortunately, Mike, that is part of the problem in this country

  3. Morninglight, yeah, LOL is over used, but what alternative do we have?

    Dickster, agreed. It was out of ordinary for this guy, so he must have had some things going on.