Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jericho Park

In previous posts, we explored Saddlebrook East Community Park and Sandy Hill Community Park while checking out alternate parking lots for my daughter to practice her two-wheel bike skills. We also visited Jericho Park, a City of Bowie park on Maryland Route 197 near Bowie State University.

Jericho Park has a softball field as well as three baseball fields (two youth fields and one tournament field). Everything in this park is well labeled - a differentiator between city managed parks and county managed parks.

Each field is equipped with an outfield warning track, fence and lights for nighttime play.

Look at how well this field is maintained. The City of Bowie does a great job with the upkeep on city parks. County managed parks are another story.

Plenty of seating.

Paved trails provide access to the fields.

Cell phone reception is great!

The park is completely surrounded by woods. I'm not sure where the trails go. The kids weren't interested in checking them out.

At first, I thought it was strange that this sign faces the woods. The sign warns that there is a $1000 fine for driving motorized vehicles on the grass. People must ride dirt bikes on the trails.

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