Monday, September 7, 2009

Greenbelt Labor Day Festival and Parade

Even though we live in Bowie, Greenbelt becomes our adopted hometown once each year for the Labor Day festival and parade.

We started out with a Sunday evening trip to ride the rides. Taking pictures at dusk can be tricky, and this one unintentionally came out kind of cool.

We also attended the parade on Monday morning. Greenbelt being Greenbelt, green transportation was well represented.

This electric motorcycle is super quiet.

The Greenbelt Sun-Dried Garmenture Society marched to promote line drying.

Here is a view of their mobile clothes line from the back.

The Prince George's Peace & Justice Coalition marching in support of health care for all.

Two cheerleaders from Eleanor Roosevelt High School show off their jumping abilities.

Some of the loudest cheers were for this good sport. He followed the Maryland Park Police and their horses.

Despite not being a major election year, many politicians were present. Here is House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. The announcer said that Hoyer has never missed a Greenbelt Labor Day Parade (I assume since he was elected).

Maryland State Delegate Justin Ross always brings along plenty of color coordinated supporters.

In recent years, Prince George's County Council Member Ingrid Turner has been giving Justin Ross a run for his money. I think she may have won the "most supporters" contest this year.

Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson seemed to join the parade while out getting his morning coffee. He probably woke up late, and he remembered that he is interested in exploring the possibility of holding a statewide office when term limits end his reign next year. His security detail had to tag along because we know the dangers that county executives face every day.

Perhaps the next County Executive - Rushern Baker.

Mark Spencer (right), candidate for Prince George's County State's Attorney, shakes hands along the parade route. Spencer approached the man on the left and said, "Hi. I'm Mark Spencer, and I'm running for State's Attorney." The other man was most likely not from Greenbelt, and he said, "are you a good Republican?" Spencer replied, "No. I'm a good Democrat, and I'm a good person." You go Mark! We all know how much party affiliation comes into play in the office of the State's Attorney.

Retired Maryland State Trooper Darryl Morgan is running for Prince George's County Sheriff. That's Prince George's County in Maryland - not Texas.

Props go out to County Council Member Ingrid Turner for working the Roosevelt Democratic Club lemonade and funnel cake stand.


  1. Entertaining summary. Where else but in Greenbelt would they march to support line drying?

    Great ride photo, too!

  2. We were at the other end of the same block. That's a great pic of the ride. The laundry folks were the same ones who did the precision (manual) lawnmower drill team last year. It's a good thing this wasn't a major election cycle year, the parades go on forever those years. Oi. I wish we had political speeches or debates with a big picnic, though.

    How'd that Republican get past the border guards?

    My pics will be up some time this week.

  3. Ah, you were in our neck of the woods, huh? :) We LOVE the festival, and this year we did rides on Saturday, but of course, there's no missing the parade! (In fact, we were sitting just a bit outside the edge of your photos!) Such fun, and it's always a nice little taste of hometown fun each year!

  4. @L.A., of the 80 or so groups in the parade, I knew I had to post a picture of the Garmenture Society. Only in Greenbelt - or maybe Takoma Park.

    @Abbot, I think it's good that the politicians come to Greenbelt, but I was maxed out on parade by the end this year. Ha, I think the Republican snuck into in town to visit his grandchildren. Looking forward to see your pics.

    @MorningLight, yeah, a lot of fun. My son is still young enough that he gets excited to see the fire trucks, and my daughter is getting tall enough to be going on the more serious rides. The only thing I don't understand is how popular the bingo game is - always a crowd.

  5. That looks like a fun festival. I'll have to check it out one of these years. I love the photo of the kiddy ride.

  6. Cyndy, for the kiddy ride photo, I was moving the camera with the roller coaster so that the picture of the kids wouldn't come out blurry. I didn't intend for the background to come out that way, so that was a surprise. Of course, if I intentionally try to get that effect next time, there's no way that it's going to come out like that.

  7. Looks like a great event with lots of familiar sights and faces. Do you attend every year?

  8. Intrepid, yes, we usually go every year, although I've missed some years due to projects around the house.