Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reports of our house's demise have been greatly exaggerated

My wife was "reading notices" on the school's bulletin board after dropping my son off at preschool last Thursday. "Reading notices" is code for "waiting for one of the other mothers so they can go to Panera." One of my son's teachers came out into the hall to talk to my wife. The conversation went something like this.

Teacher: Is everything O.K.?

My Wife: Umm, yes, thanks.

Teacher: Do you need clothes or anything? Your son told me about the fire.

My Wife: What?

Teacher: He told me how your house burned down, and how he's now living with his best friend.

My Wife: WHAT?!?!

It turns out somebody has been telling tall tales at school - or, at least one very tall tale. He was a little embarrassed when my wife talked to him about it. It was definitely out of character.


  1. Ha! I guess he'd already used "The dog ate my homework" and "My grandmother died."

  2. This sounds familiar, actually. When I was teaching preschool, I would only half-jokingly tell parents that if I agreed to believe only 75% of what their kids said about their lives outside of school, they needed to afford us the same pleasure. :)

  3. L.A., he hasn't used those excuses yet. He thought he would start with the big ones, and work his way down.

    MorningLight, as if they would afford you the same pleasure! I couldn't imagine being a teacher these days and dealing with parents. In my son's defense, he was talking with his best friend about the "fire" at the time, and the teacher overheard him. She then asked him about it, and the it took on new life.

    My wife read this post tonight, and she told me that in my quest for a good laugh, my portrayal of her was unfair (it was), and that she does much more than just take kids to school (she does). My daughter quickly came to her defense and said, "that's right, Mom! You are also a WebKinz champion!" Ha.